Solid 18K Gold Cuff Bracelet

Solid 18K Gold Cuff Bracelet

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This radiant gold cuff bracelet is reminiscent of the handcrafted fine jewelry of the Pharaohs. Made from 18K solid gold, this wide cuff bracelet has a soft hammered surface, and measures just under 1.50 inches. Available for special order in white or yellow gold with diamond accents optional.

Artistic Impressions:

La Cage

At some point, you stopped searching. You discovered that singular perfection. The “one.” For the first time, being tied down doesn’t seem like a sacrifice. It has become necessity. There is another reason why the caged bird sings. Sometimes, getting things locked down is nothing short of ecstasy. Shimmering warmth. The blows of the hammer practically ring in your ears. It sounds like a song.

Made in New York, NY.