Crafting Symbols of Love

Each engagement ring from Susan L. Kottemann Inc. is crafted with the
utmost attention to detail and quality, ensuring that every piece is as unique as your love story. Explore our collection of bespoke engagement rings, from classic solitaires to contemporary designs, all made with the finest materials and craftsmanship in New York City.


Handmade with Precision and Passion

Each engagement ring is crafted with unmatched precision and care. Specializing in high-quality diamonds and vibrant colored stones, we source materials globally through trusted partners, ensuring every gem meets our rigorous standards. Our expert team of jewelers and artisans utilizes traditional goldsmithing techniques alongside innovative design to create custom, timeless pieces. Committed to ethical sourcing, we ensure every ring is not only exquisite but also responsibly made, reflecting the unique stories of our clients.

Let's Build Your Perfect Ring

Collaborate with us to create a truly unique engagement ring. Choose from a selection of precious metals, rare diamonds and, and vibrant colored precious gemstones to bring your vision to life.

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