SLK Safaris

SLK Safaris are custom-planned, private adventure vacations for our friends, family, and clients alike. Susan has been traveling to Africa since 1985 and has developed numerous long-term, personal relationships with conservationists, community professionals, rangers, local craftsman, and expert local guides. 
Here at SLK Safaris we pride ourselves on our ability to custom design each safari to our clients' individual needs. Much like our custom jewelry projects we take on every day, we are able to accommodate your interests, time, and budgetary needs while mixing and matching different experiences in order to formulate the perfect adventure. We hold our client's personal safety and comfort in extremely high regard during both the planning process and especially when our clients are abroad. 
We believe that a safari is an incredibly versatile vacation experience that is fit for all sorts of group sizes, physical activity desires, and personal interests. For full family safaris we suggest the youngest traveler be over eight years of age.
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