Platinum, Sapphire & Diamond Eternity-band Ring

Platinum, Sapphire & Diamond Eternity-band Ring

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There is one word for this ring: BOLD. Featuring alternating .60pt sapphires and diamonds, this beautiful ring is unmatched by any other. Ring pictured has 6 (approx. 3.59cts.) round brilliant cut diamonds and 6 (approx. 4.44cts.) of sapphire. Handmade in platinum, this ring has a intricately beautiful frame that leaves the gems visible when the ring is taken off. Contact Susan for more customization options including band thickness, gem size, and gem type.

Artistic Impressions:

Such Loyalty 

The Lady of the Lake has chosen her champion for all eternity. Delicate and strong, dazzling and hard. Life is full of contradictions. The common is uncommon. Stunning faceted sapphires, symbolic of loyalty, encircle her finger. Could anything be more pure, more worthy, more enduring?  Fortunately, you will never know.

Made in New York, NY