Platinum, Diamond, Sapphire & Rubellite Floral Motif Earrings

Platinum, Diamond, Sapphire & Rubellite Floral Motif Earrings

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These floral earrings feature handmade platinum diamond clusters with rubellite drops. A pair of fine quality, pear shape diamonds form the delicate flower clusters with bright pink sapphire centers and connect the clusters to the drop. The pear shaped diamonds have a total weight of 1.75ct. and the pair of exceptionally clean pear-shaped rubellite has a total weight of 10.79cts.

Artistic Impressions:

Never a Drop in Passion

Something so rare, it makes you blush deeply. Can a flower last forever? Can a moment? Maybe a bird of prey flew in the window and captured your heart. At any rate, your heart rate quickens and you are transformed. You are rapt at attention; enraptured by the life that dances of the facets. Dance, or take flight? Why not both? Luscious rubellite pendants sway beneath a blossom of diamonds when something beyond rare is called for.

Made in New York, NY