Moonstone & Diamond Open Circle Earrings

Moonstone & Diamond Open Circle Earrings

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These hand made Platinum Moonstone and Diamond drop earrings are inspired by a beautiful antique earring that had lost it's other half. This beautiful set of platinum post earrings feature fine quality rainbow moonstone and diamonds.

Artistic Impressions:

Once in a Blue Moon 

A promise. A circle. And a glint of blue glowing light beckons you closer. “What is it,” she whispers in a voice that sends tiny ripples across a still lake. “What have you come here for?” You can answer her in a single word. You lean in, your lips just brushing her neck. “Only one thing,” you tell her. “Everything.” Precious moonstone of exceptional clarity like this doesn’t appear every day, only once in a blue moon.

Made in New York, NY