Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Halo Eternity Ring

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A Gathering of Angels 

Like the resonating strings of a distant harp, a melody lures you into rapture. It is the culmination of a million years, across continents, across the unending span of time itself that has brought you to this moment, a moment of unrivaled beauty. Vivid and pure, sparkling with delight you cannot help but stare. Touch. Dream. This ring is the stuff dreams are made of: impeccably matched canary diamonds of a saturated sunny hue encircled with meticulously crafted halos. Alternating with the radiance of sunshine is dazzling ice of the finest white, round diamonds that beckon for your touch. Turn it on your finger and feel the cool smoothness of metal finished to perfection. Listen for the voices of the angels. They are whispering across eternity.