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Susan Kottemann

Coral Necklace with Diamond Clasp

Coral Necklace with Diamond Clasp

Intensely Precious 

From the deep waters of the Mediterranean, from the salt and the depths comes a necklace unlike any other. Polished orbs, red and rare, reminiscent of the sun’s fiery descent glow and entice. If you have ever watched the sun set over the water, you can recognize its singular beauty. The burning sun changes from golden to a deep red and grows larger before it appears to plunge into the sea, the emotional heart of our being. Sardinian coral is difficult to possess. Prized for centuries, it is found in very few places and its availability grows ever scarce. This desirable necklace features an 18 karat white gold mystery clasp, encrusted with pavé diamonds. It’s almost as if all the stars came out to play immediately after sunset. Is your blood flowing? Is your heart pounding? Do you long for another languid sunset in a distant port of call? This necklace will take you there.

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