22K Gold Scarab Ring

22K Gold Scarab Ring

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This solid gold scarab ring gives off a rich and smooth feel. Inspired by ancient jewelry seen in the metropolitan museum of art, this hefty ring is a classic. Available in any size, we have one size 6 1/4 ring currently in our inventory. This ring is made with high quality gold to give it an ancient quality.

Artistic Impressions:

Enchanted Egypt

Cleopatra would have. Really, she would have if only she had the chance.  Each blow of the hammer against the wide 22-karat band, every slice of the engraver’s steel that created this symbolic scarab ring in all its mighty weight and depth reveals the power of the sun beetle. Like the Makhent boat of Ra that glides heavy down from the Nile, the ring appears river washed with an ancient looking patina finish.  As if it were forged by Vulcan as a gift from the Roman Emperor to the Egyptian Queen, it is a singular, mythical statement. Cleopatra would have. Will she?

Made in New York, NY