18K Pink Gold Dome Ring with 18K Pave Diamond Dome Ring

18K Pink Gold Dome Ring with 18K Pave Diamond Dome Ring

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Inspired by vintage chaumet (French standard house jewelry), these beautiful dome rings are available in several models. The full gold ring features a  solid inside and shank made from 18K red gold. The pave and gold design features approximately 1.7 carats of pave set diamonds and a hand pierced grill made from 18K yellow gold. This model can be made in your choice of 18K pink, white, or yellow gold.  These rings are lovingly handmade, one piece at a time by craftspeople, not factories. Currently in inventory, one red gold dome ring size 6 1/2 and one yellow gold pave dome ring size 6 1/2.

Artistic Impressions:

Capture a Moment

The moment she made you smile, the moment you made her blush. The fluid grace of this 18-karat gold rose gold dome ring is the pinnacle of romance; effortless, easy, and enduring. Comfortable and familiar, yet still with a bright sheen that radiates tones of peach and pink. Sentimental? Maybe a bit. Want more? That’s okay.

The Dome of Heaven

Heavenly. Like the crisp cold of mountain air as it rises off the powder, you are ready to fly into the unknown. Take those first steps off of the gondola and get ready for an adventure. Night falls and the sky glistens with stars, radiant sparkling and cold. You can see your breath as you wish on a star, like diamonds scattered across a golden dome. You wish you could take it home with you and keep it close, keep it forever. Guess what? You can.

Each Made in New York, NY