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Susan Kottemann

18K Yellow Gold Drilled Diamond Pendant Fringe Necklace

18K Yellow Gold Drilled Diamond Pendant Fringe Necklace


This fashion-forward pendant is lovingly created with an unexpected and shocking technique. The diamond appears to float as though it were lighter than air. Unbound by any setting, free to sparkle uninhibited, a microscopic drill hole allows this diamond to shine without any accompanying setting. Completely innovative and singular, this spectacular necklace is a perfect gift for the one that has pierced your heart and soul. Whether you choose a singular stone or a row of seven, the necklace is adjustable and can be worn at a variety of lengths. A diamond accent in the back provides an intimate touch. Only Eros could ever be as beautiful and precise.

This product is also available for custom order in the sizes and stones of your choosing. 

Made in New York, New York

Design by Susan Kottemann 

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