18K Yellow Gold & Ebony Ring

18K Yellow Gold & Ebony Ring

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Made by hand in Germany, this deliciously smooth ring offers a luxurious feeling unlike any other. This seamless design is made from 18K yellow gold and ebony. The precision and utmost quality of this wide-banded ring are unbeatable. This 15.25mm wide ring is currently available in size 8 1/4, though it better fits a size 6-7 finger.

Artistic Impressions:


Night falls softly, edged in gold. You make a bold choice, a band that dominates. Unmistakable power, you know you have to listen to her. She will not compete. She will not be questioned. Do you think you can hold her hand? Polished ebony edged in gold seems to think that you can. Only if she deems you worthy. Better ask first.

 Made in Germany