The Meaning of the Griffin Symbol

How can I define myself in a single symbol? Throughout my storied travels scouring the globe for rarefied treasures, my taste has ranged from the mythological to the au courant. I made a life of defying conventions and upending expectations. I know that I am “supposed” to have a logo, an emblem, some relatable identity that my clients can grasp on to. I have always eschewed such conventions. Until now.

It was during my twenty second year in business; an even, equitable, pleasant sounding year. I did not know it at the time, but this would be the year that my business identity would crystallize around a central defining symbol. I would become the Griffin and the Griffin would become me. A journey of more than two decades would culminate in just a few steps, down the cold and smooth limestone staircase that led to the Treasury, the secret underground vault of the Cloisters Museum; that hallowed branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated to medieval art and architecture.
 I glided past effigies of knights who had died in battle. Gilt chalices used in some ancient ecclesiastic rite sparkled from behind their Plexiglas encasement. A chat board announced a collection of rings from antiquity, the Griffin Collection, and in that moment of my research, my logo was born. I came face to face, quite unexpectedly, with my own identity.
The Griffin is the treasure keeper, a winged mythological beast that defies categorization. Part lion, part eagle, the Griffin is emblematic of everything I stand for; the magical, shape-shifting, treasure-seeking, inspired artist and global traveler that I am at my core. Now at twenty three years as the treasure seeker and the treasure keeper, I promise you this: like the Griffin, I will forever fly the known world, my discerning eye bringing you nothing less than the best this world has to offer. Won’t you continue with me on this journey?