From Tucson, With Love...

Every year at the end of January the entire world of gemstone, mineral, fossil and meteorite dealers, collectors and hobbyists enthusiastically gather in a charming  southern Arizona city to participate in what I refer as the 8th Wonder the World. During the gem show, there are 30 established shows running simultaneously all over town with many more independent traders selling on the side of the road… It is just fabulous!
And, if that were not enough, Tucson has been recently recognized as an Unesco City of Gastronomy! The food is delicious—from authentic Mexican and southwest food, to ethnic and haute cuisine, all served up in a friendly and casual style. Don Guerra of Barrio Bread just received the James Beard award for outstanding baker and I can tell you, it is world class...
Have you ever noticed that people are always happy at ski resorts? Well, it's the same in Tucson during this event... everybody seems happy to be there.
It is not that you aren’t tired or stressed—exhibitors work long days and often for a few weeks in a row. Buyers like me have to deal with an infinite array of the most beautiful gems you could imagine with a finite amount of money to spend. But the one thing we all have in common is a love of nature’s beautiful creations.
I always go there with a few specific things on my wish list and this year it was blue-green Afghani tourmaline, and anything from Tanzania. I was also tuned into the latest trend having to do with artisanal mining and ethical sourcing that is prevalent now in most industries.
I always play a game with myself and run a contest of the top 3 gems in the entire show... Which are your favorites? 
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