Yellow and White Diamond Two-Toned Ring

Yellow and White Diamond Two-Toned Ring

To begin this story, one of our clients wanted a ring that she was able to wear with both her yellow and white gold jewels. No matter how many times we told her that there are no rules today in regards to how you can wear your jewelry, she remained a traditionalist when it comes to mixing metals. She asked that we create a stunning everyday piece of jewelry she could mix with all of her favorites. 

Since comfort is just as important as beauty in jewelry, especially eternity bands, this band had to be carefully engineered. So, the search for very specific stones began! We decided to use yellow and white diamonds and finally found the "layout" to fit our vision. In order to have a comfortable ring, we find the secret lies in the setting of the stones, in this case, the lower the better. As you can see, we used alternating round white diamonds and natural fancy yellow cushion cut diamonds, each with a corresponding pavé diamond frame. 

Next, we carefully engineered the setting to accommodate the cutlets (or point) of the stone so it sits as close to the finger as possible without touching the skin. This is very important for the safety of the stone as well as the comfortability for the wearer. As you can see above, the settings fit perfectly around the stones which is another outcome of expertly crafted jewelry. 


The contrast gold and diamond ring came to fruition beautifully! This ring was both challenging and interesting to make and in turn, provided us with such a spectacular final product. As Susan always says, fabulous results are not an accident; they begin with intention!


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