Wide Tourmaline Bracelet

Wide Tourmaline Bracelet

Our client came to us with a design she had seen on her travels and she couldn't get the idea of this fabulous wide green bracelet out of her mind. 

In our first design meeting, we distinguished what type of green stones we could use. We took to going global for sourcing to find appropriate options. The choices were between two layouts of tourmalines and pale emeralds. 







After choosing the tourmalines, we created a layout of the stones, many of which had to be cut and trimmed before the individual settings could be created.

One by one, the settings were made for each stone and linked together into sections.

 As the bracelet came to fruition, every section was created with only top quality control standards, through the very last link being placed. Still to this day each time we talk, my client tells me how much she loves this bracelet! 

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