Type 2A Diamond Engagement Ring

Type 2A Diamond Engagement Ring

For this project, our client approached us asking for an engagement ring that would represent and signify the uniqueness and purity of their love for one another while maintaining a design that was streamlined and unique. They mentioned the they were interested in a rose cut diamond as they are lesser used and provide a very clean look. 

Upon searching for the right rose cut, we came across a type IIA diamond. Type IIA diamonds are chemically the purest diamonds in nature with its colorless composition and the absence of any measurable nitrogen or boron impurities in the stone. When we explained the significance of this rare find, they loved the idea even more for what it represented to them.

 As you will see in the sketches below, we chose to use the oval, rose cut, type IIA diamond, we offered sketches of two different setting styles as the first step for the client to make their decision.

The sketch on the left shows a bezel set diamond with a scalloped style band with diamonds down the shank (or the side of the ring). The right hand sketch shows the centers one set in four claw finished prongs with three pave set diamonds going down each side of the shank. 

The client chose the right hand option with the center stone set in a pronged setting. Our next step in producing this ring is to create CAD renderings of the sketch so the 3D image can be shown to the client as well as used for casting the ring once the design is approved! We use CAD renderings on a project by project basis, this ring was a great candidate for a computer generated and casted piece rather than using other methods of production we do. 

After the casting is made, the jeweler will "clean" the metal to remove any roughness form the casting process and add prongs to hold the center stone. In this case, we chose to use contrast metal prongs for a more interesting and clean design esthetic. 

Once this process is over, the ring will go into setting. In this case a total of six pave set diamonds and one center stone were set. See below for the stunning finished product! 

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