Tsavorite Swivel Ring

Tsavorite Swivel Ring

Our client approached us asking for ideas for a fabulous birthday gift for his wife. He was looking for something timeless but customized to his wife. We suggested a beautiful red spinel “Swivel Ring”. “Swivel Rings” are a beautiful product we have made with our design collaborator Jillian Abboud. They feature a center bezel set stone with swivels to reveal a beautiful hand engraving of the client’s choosing.


In order to choose what stone would be best we showed a number of options, including red spinel and Tsavorite. The clients have been traveling to Africa for many years and had recently just returned from a beautiful trip to Tanzania. This made the decision quite easy- Tsavorite come from East Africa and are actually named after Tsavo East National Park in Tanzania.


Since Tsavorite were meant to be, we had a number of choices in cut and color variations to choose from. As you can see below, our final options included two emerald cut and two cushion cut Tsavorite. In the end we landed on an emerald cut for its gorgeous cut and vivid grassy green color.


Next, a computer-aided design, CAD, was made of the ring to the exact dimensions and ring size measurements for the client. See below for the complete design. 

Once the final design was approved, we moved on to choosing an engraving. We had recently done an engraving with a bumble bee with a crown to stand for “Queen Bee”, we thought this was the perfect engraving for the client’s wife and added her initials as well.


In the end the final product came out beautifully! See below for final photos.

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