Tsavorite Drop Earrings

This fabulous project started due to an unfortunate and substantial insurance jewelry loss of several items including a pair of emerald drop earrings Susan had made in 2017. When choosing a new earring idea, Susan mentioned her love for Tsavorite, a stunningly gorgeous bright green gemstone from East Africa. As we continue to create beautiful pieces, we find ourselves falling deeper and deeper in love with this stone and are always so excited when we get to work with them.
The client loved the ideaa of using tsavorite so we chose a pair of oval cut stones. Once the stone type was chosen the beginning of this project is the same as any other, a design concept needs to be formed. Our wonderful client employed her simple sketching skills to come up with a silhouette of what she was looking for. See sketch below.
We then turned called upon a colleague who makes beautiful design renderings to bring this idea to life and to scale with the stones we had chosen. Also included is a basic sketch of the look of the side and back of the earrings. 
With but one or two tweaks to the original rendering, the client approved the design and the creation process begins! 
First, our jeweler began hand making each of the settings for the pear shape diamonds and tsavorites, this is done by bending and welding platinum and 18 karat yellow gold wire and plate. As each of the compotes begin to take shape, the earrings start to come alive! 
After all the components of the earrings are made, assembly then begins. The assembly of the earrings is crucial to the movement of the earrings and therefore their beauty. This pair is made up of three separate sections that are looped together to maximize the movement of the stones as to maximize their brilliance. 
When assembly is finished, a the earrings will then go to be set, engraved, and then back for a final polish. See below the stunning outcome of these one of a kind earrings!