Final Ring for Ellie

Three Stone Ring for Ellie

I was asked to design a ring for a lady looking for something different. Ellie was not specific, but she had the idea in her head. She already had a few rings that were in the modern, bezel set style, so we did have a starting point. The main diamond was a beautiful 2-carat cushion cut, and she wanted to “beef it up” and give it some "wow" power. She wanted this ring to be an expression of the excitement she and her fiancé, Dave, were feeling about their future, and they did not want something ordinary!


We decided that a Three Stone Ring would make the most sense, and they wanted something blue-green like Ellie’s eyes or a lighter blue like the color of the ocean that they both love and where they spend so much time together. There are only a few gems that met that criteria… Montana sapphire, a lighter blue sapphire, or aqua.


Early on in the process, they decided against a classic, prong-set Three Stone Ring. A vintage Tiffany ring provided the initial design “spark” and now I started sourcing various gems. 


Example 3 Stone ring example for clients

I thought they should consider diamonds for the side stones, as they have an advantage as far as durability.


Displaying diamonds on my finger for client.


In an effort to identify the color and shape they liked, I just started showing gems, without regard to proportions—a bit of a risky strategy since colored gems are not consistent or reliably available in different shape and sizes but, I had to start somewhere so did with lighter blue sapphires. I presented a smaller and larger option—one of each represented in this image.
Diamond with pair of sapphire accents


Montana sapphire are hard to find, let alone in pairs, so I was very lucky to find a few pairs to present…this cushion pair (with different light conditions) were my personal favorite and were exactly the color of Ellie’s eyes!


 Montana sapphires flanking diamond center stone



But when Ellie and Dave saw the aqua, they were done!!! The color was especially rich, and they loved the cut, so we decided to trim the original pair. They did not want a classic Three Stone Ring and liked the chunky look of this particular pair of aqua.

Triangle sapphires flanking center diamond



Next we sketched a few designs now incorporating the actual gems, and it took a couple of days to get to the look they were after. Next, we created a composite of all the details in CAD, so we could clarify the design. Ultimately, we decided to carve the ring in wax as it gave us the most control of the process. 




Voilà! Ellie and Dave were so happy with their one-of a kind, exciting, and unique ring.💕


Final ring for Ellie


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