Tanzanian Garnet Ring in Platinum

This project was held especially close to our hearts here at SLK Inc. For one of the first times, we started this project with purple garnet rough that Susan brought back from Tanzania a few years ago. This ring was commissioned by a long standing colleague and friend in Africa to have made for his daughter that was raised in the same area these stones were harvested!
 First step was to send the stones to the lapidary to see what kind of shapes we can get out of the various rough sizes. In this case, we were able to get ice stones, two emerald cuts, two tapered baguettes, and a pear shape garnet. Take a look at the photo below for a comparison! 
For this project, we chose to use the smaller of the emerald cuts and both tapered baguettes. We found that we liked the vibrancy of the color best in these stones and with just a little bit of trimming, they would make a beautiful three stone ring!
Next in the process is to come up with the design. In this case, we knew we wanted a band-like ring with the center stone set oriented East-West.
Once the CAD design was complete and approved, we committed it to metal! In this case, platinum. These next two photos show how a ring looks fresh out of casting.
Cleaning the casting, assembling the parts, setting, and polishing later, we have a stunning three stone ring that's ready to ship! Take a look at the final photos below.