Rose Cut Diamond Drop Earrings

One of our delightful and long-standing clients came into the office for lunch one day to chat about a fabulous earring she had recently seen on a show called “Emily in Paris”. She brought in a slightly blurry photo and asked us if we could tell her more about these earrings and if they could be remade. She was looking for a pair of earrings that were modest enough for everyday wear to the office but still had personality and sparkle. 

We interpreted the photo to be a simple drop earring with two pear shaped rose cut diamonds in a simple frame, suspended from a simple wire ear piece with paved diamonds. Translating inspiration photos that our clients bring us is a very interesting and exciting part of our job, it reminds us and the client that truly anything is possible when creating jewelry, any tweak or edit can be made to achieve the perfect piece! In this case, we chose to keep the pave diamond detail but make the bezel around the diamond even thinner and more delicate. As you can see below, these earrings came out to be the perfect everyday piece for the office, beautiful!