Paraiba Swivel Pendant

Paraiba Swivel Pendant

A very long standing and dear client called upon us to create a fabulous gift for her daughter who does not typically wear jewelry.

Our job for this client was to great a beautiful piece that complimented her daughters love for nature and taste for a demure style of jewelry. We immediately thought of our beautiful swivel ring collection by Jillian Abboud with the opportunity for custom stone selection and hand engraving. Much like this beautiful Afghani blue green tourmaline swivel ring below. For this pendant, we chose to go with a cabochon Brazilian paraiba for its bright and brilliant color. 


 While the client loved the design and customizable nature of the swivel ring, she did not think her daughter would wear it as much as say, a necklace. We went back to the drawing board and with great collaboration with our colleague Jillian, the very first swivel pendant sketch was born! 


After the sketch we then translated it in a computer automated drawing to see a 3D representation. As you can see, we chose to slightly widen the bezel of the necklace and take away the pave diamond detail. 


Once the piece is cast and assembled, the last step is to choose the engraving for the opposite side of the pendant. In this case we chose the quote "We are so  lightly here", which are lyrics from an amazing Leonard Cohen song. Slight engraving details were added for an extra touch of special as well. 

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