"Mojo" Legacy Rings

This project came to be when our client approached us to create a family legacy ring for each of their family members to wear. This project was in instant love of Susan's because of the beautiful message behind it as well as creating a future heirloom. 
The first step of this process was fining out what sort of design would work for this project. The ring had to be able to worn comfortably by both men and women in the family and also be able to withstand longterm everyday wear. We suggested the following!
Of the four, the client chose the last one, the textured high karat yellow gold band style ring and off to the casting house we go!
Next was to determine what sort of design the client wanted engraved on the ring itself. For this project, the client decided the word "Mojo" after their family pet, was to be engraved on the outside and the quote "We are so lightly here" on the inside. 
The birthstones were set opposite the mojo engraving and individual names were also engraved on the inside of the ring.
After texturing, engraving, settings, and final polishing, these beautiful family legacy rings are complete! Take a look at some up close shots of the beautiful engravings!