Marquise Sapphire and Diamond Hoop Earrings

Marquise Sapphire and Diamond Hoop Earrings

A very long standing and dear client called on us to create a fabulous gift for his wife for their 30th wedding anniversary. The client requested something classic, yet different, and that it be symbolic of their very special occasion. You see, their original engagement ring that we made for them years ago was a sapphire and diamond three stone ring. We were so excited to be able to create a complementary piece to their original symbol of love. 


Once we arrived on the initial hoop earring style, we needed to find a way to make this classic silhouette into something remarkable and special for our clients. We chose to use marquise cut stones as opposed to the more commonly found round brilliant cut. We chose to use 30 stones total, 15 diamonds and 15 sapphires to give recognition to each of the years they have been married. 


While this upgrade would make the earrings truly fabulous, it did pose a few challenges for us to overcome. The first was sourcing the stones- 15 diamonds and 15 sapphires total. The diamonds were found with ease, but the sapphires proved to be a different story. We expanded our search to our overseas stone suppliers to find the specific cut and size. After no luck, we found the correct stones and had them custom cut to fit the measurements we needed. 

The second problem was finding a way to fit 30 stones onto the hoops without making them too large or too heavy. This was solved by using white gold instead of platinum for weight and we used some clever engineering to fit each custom cut stone into place.

In the end, the stones fit perfectly and the earrings came out to be truly beautiful. The client's wife loved them! Moments like these make us realize the magic in what we do for others. 

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