Fancy Colored Rose Cut Diamond Necklace

Fancy Colored Rose Cut Diamond Necklace

This gorgeous project started because due to an unfortunate loss of a previous necklace we had made for one of our longstanding and lovely clients. The first necklace was a 54 inch long, diamonds-by-the-yard necklace with fancy colored rose cut diamonds. As you can see from the photo below, this piece is the perfect layering necklace while remaining casual for easy everyday wear. 

The first step in re-making this necklace is stone selections. We sift through hundreds of stones to choose the very best ones for our clients. As you can see below, we are choosing from a wide array of colors to match the essence of the old necklace.


After the stones are chosen, we begin to place them in the order we would like them to be on the necklace. This takes a few tries to make sure the balance of stone size and color is just right. 

Once the order has been decided, we begin setting each stone in bezels. In this case, we chose eighty-six stones. Once in their bezels, they will be evenly distributed along the 18 karat yellow gold chain to make the final necklace. 

In the end, findings are added such as the clasp and jump rings. And just like that, we have another gorgeous piece of jewelry to deliver to a happy client! See final photos below. 

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