Diamond Cluster Earrings

This beautiful project came to be when one of our clients came to us with the idea of turning her engagement ring and wedding band into an earring she could wear every day. We had made a cluster pendant before and loved the idea of them as earrings! 
The first step was to remove all the stones from the client's ring. 
Once the stones were out of the setting, we began planning a design and playing around with the layout of diamonds. In this case we chose to use the side stones of the engagement ring as the center stones of the earrings. The stones in her wedding band will be matched and surround the center stones. 
In this photo you can see the layout of diamonds for one of the earrings before we matched the stones. This client mentioned she wanted yellow gold settings for this earring so it's to the jeweler they go!
In the end we have a fabulous earring that is an interesting and chic alternative to studs! Wearable every day and sparkly as all get out.