Diamond and Tsavorite Three Stone Ring

One of our fabulous clients approached us with a diamond ring she had that she was looking to sell. Upon seeing how beautiful the diamonds were, Susan had recommended to re set the center diamond into a new fabulous three stone ring setting. Immediately we thought of a fabulous Tsavorite and diamond three stone ring we had in stock (pictured below) and suggested we do an inverse variation of the stone placement.
The client LOVED the idea and we set out to find the perfect pair of pear shape Tsavorite side stones. After sorting through numerous pairs, the client chose a fabulous and chunky pair that will afford the ring a very full look.
Our next set is to begin with the actual hand crafting of the ring itself. Take a look at the photos below for an in-process look at our ring production! First, we take a raw piece of gold and shape it through a hand cranked machine,
Heat the metal with a gas torch,
Then once malleable, the metal is hammered around a mandrill to the correct ring size to create the curvature of a ring.
After this, further shaping and assembly of all the pieces allow the ring to begin to really start taking shape. As you can see in the photo above, the single bar of platinum will be shaped into a handmade metal basket for the center stone to sit in. This implication of this detail into the yellow gold shank is one of the last steps on the ring making process.
A little bit of setting and a whole lot go polishing later, we are presented with an absolutely fabulous handmade three stone ring!